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Bob & Bob Speleo General Store
Business / West Virginia

This is a gallery of abandoned businesses in West Virginia.

Cold Springs Hotel
Business / New York

This is a gallery of abandoned businesses in New York.

Blue and White Service Station
Business / Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania

A gallery of abandoned businesses in the United States.

Valley View General Store
Business / Kentucky

This is a gallery of abandoned businesses in Kentucky.

Mill Gap General Store
Business / Virginia

This is a gallery of abandoned businesses in Virginia.

Ashland Home Office
Business / Kentucky

The former Ashland Oil and Refining Company Home Office was located at the corner of Winchester Avenue and 14th Street in downtown Ashland, Kentucky. After being abandoned for a number of years, it was demolished in 2022.

Tri-County Mall
Business / Ohio

Tri-County Mall was an enclosed shopping mall in Springdale, Ohio. It opened in 1960 as an open-air shopping center and enclosed in 1967-68. Tri-County is being redeveloped into a massive mixed-use residential and commercial project that will leave portions of the original mall intact.

Fisher's Travel Camp
Business / Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia

A gallery of vintage and abandoned gasoline stations in the United States.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
Business / West Virginia

A rustic copy of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre was constructed adjacent to a historic inn along Elkhorn Creek in McDowell County, West Virginia.

Forest Fair Mall/Cincinnati Mills/Cincinnati Mall
Business / Ohio

Cincinnati Mall, formerly known as Forest Fair Mall and Cincinnati Mills, is an ailing shopping center in Fairfield, Ohio.

Randall Park Mall
Business / Ohio

Randall Park Mall, located in North Randall, Ohio, was once one of the largest enclosed shopping centers in the United States.

H. Gordon and Sons Department Store
Business / Indiana

H. Gordon and Sons Department Store is an abandoned four-story department store in downtown Gary, Indiana.

Gary Heat, Light & Water Building
Business / Indiana

The Gary Heat, Light & Water Building was home to the utility company along Madison Avenue in Gary, Indiana.

Holiday Inn - North Randall
Business / Ohio

The Holiday Inn – North Randall was an abandoned hotel adjacent to Randall Park Mall in Randall Park, Ohio.

Esther Manor
Business / New York

Esther Manor is an abandoned resort in the Catskills Mountain near Monticello, New York.

Kutsher’s Hotel & Country Club
Business / New York

Kutsher’s Hotel & Country Club is an abandoned resort in the Catskill Mountains of New York. It was the longest running of the “Borscht Belt” resorts and served as the inspiration for the 1987 movie Dirty Dancing, which was about a teenager who falls in love with a dance teacher while on vacation with her family in the 1960’s.

Kenoza House
Business / New York

The Kenoza House is a formerly closed boarding house in the Catskill Mountains of New York. It has since reopened as Kenoza Hall.

National Great Blacks In Wax Museum
Business / Maryland

The Great Afro-American Wax Museum is an active museum centered around black educational history and prominent historical wax figures in Maryland.

Old Town Mall
Business / Maryland

Old Town Mall is a nearly abandoned shopping center in the Old Town neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland.

Second National Bank
Business / Pennsylvania

The Monongahela National Bank and Second National Bank are former banks located along Market Street in downtown Brownsville, Pennsylvania.